Mu-Gamma Housing Corporation

The Mu-Gamma Housing Corporation was originally established in 1991 and serves as the owner of the active chapter’s lodge at 10436 N Dowling Road. The Corporation manages the current lodge and surrounding property while also undertaking a Capital Campaign to raise funds for the building of a new Chapter House to better meet the needs of Mu-Gamma. Current members of the Housing Corporation Board are:

John Lines, President - Eta '89

Greg Westmoreland, Treasurer - Mu '91 

Ken Lawson - Eta '87 

Paul Wagner - Eta '89

David "Deke" Bates - Nu '90

Dave Barret - Alpha Omicron '02

Bryan Foster - Alpha

Chris Coxon - Alpha Rho

For further detail on the Capital Campaign, click here. If you would like additional details on the Housing Corporation or would like to be involved, please contact a member of the Board.